Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who will coach my kids team?

All Head Coaches are Qualified Coaches (Current professional, ex-professional, college and high school players) and do not have a player on the team.  Parents will from time to time assist on game day coaching first base and helping in the dugout in rare circumstances however they do not have any input on game play, lineups, playing time, etc.

What is the difference between the Elite, Premiere or Select teams?

ELITE= Advanced in fundamentals & skills with an above average understanding of the game (advanced baseball IQ). These teams typically play tournaments (local, regional & National) exclusively in much faster pace of play than recreational leagues or All Stars. These are kids that are executing play consistently in games with things such as, executing defensive coverage & relays, hitting their cutoff man, running advanced defensive plays (timing & daylight pickoffs, understand defensive coverages- priorities on relays, rundowns, pop up priorities, bunt coverages, pitcher coverages & backups, etc.), understand base running such as primary & secondary leadoffs, know how to read a baseball out of the pitchers hand, can execute sacrifice offense, know when to tag, when go out halfway, and how read throws before advancing.  These are just a handful of things we expect from our ELITE team players.

Note: The ELITE team players do not necessarily consist of the best hitters or hardest throwing pitchers. These players are simply put- our most all around polished players who understand the game the best.

PREMIERE= Average to Above Average fundamentals & skills with a general understanding of the game. These teams typically will consist of quality (Recreational and/or All Star players new to travel baseball) baseball talent (kids with natural raw talent offensively and defensively), however they are still learning to play the game at a much faster pace of play, and are still learning the knowledge side of the game.

SELECT= This is our developmental level of baseball reserved for committed youth baseball players that want to get better at the game of baseball while not be limited in developing by playing recreational baseball. There are a ton of kids out there that simply don't get opportunity to develop in recreational baseball because their dad is not the coach, they are small at a young age, etc. the list goes on. Development at a young age occurs rapidly. We have seen kids go from just learning to playing on the elite teams within 1 year. But they would never have that opportunity to get better because their recreational teams set them aside. By all means we are not putting down recreational baseball and we support those who continue playing. However, we also recognize there are a lot of really good future baseball players out there, that simply get turned off to the sport because they don't get opportunity.

What age groups do you offer?

Currently, our club offers baseball developmental teams and instruction from 7U all the way up to high school & college prep teams.

What are the costs associated with your program?

11 and under players monthly dues are $220 per/mo.

13 and over players monthly dues are $250 per/mo.

Tournaments cost $75 per tournament and is paid a la carte as they come up.

There is an annual $150.00 membership fee due at signup or paid 1 time per year for existing members-  MORE DETAILS

Are you a full service baseball academy?

Our club offers a full array of service that provides our members with everything they could need to develop properly.  Professional instruction and services offered allow us to cater to the families that are committed to learning the game and doing things properly. We have our own baseball training facility located in San Juan Capistrano, CA that has Batting Tunnels, Bullpens, speed & agility training, a well as weight training.

REDLINE ATHLETICS- STRENGTH, SPEED & AGILITY TRAINING:  This is a unique opportunity for our members to gain access to an exclusive advanced speed, agility, & strength training atmosphere for a fraction of what if would cost if you were to hire an individual trainer.  All participants have the option to participate UNLIMITED Days & Times. Classes are Monday-Friday and are held every hour on the hour starting at 1PM, with the last class at 7PM.

The total monthly cost is $100.00 per month. It works out to be on average $12.50 per training session if you take advantage of attending at least 2 times per week.

Learn More About our Redline Training Classes Here


Where do you practice & play games?

A typical week in our club would consist of practice twice per week and games on the weekends. Our games primarily are played around South Orange County, and our tournaments could be in Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties. Our tournament teams play at least 1 tournament per month.

What skill levels do you cater to?

Our goal is to provide professional baseball instruction to all skill levels. If we see that a player possesses the potential to develop and grow in the game, and has the drive to learn, we want that player.

We offer 2 different types of teams/programs. Our tournament teams typically consist of elite level players that represent our club in tournament formats. Our developmental teams which still consist of quality baseball players, are geared toward developing players to move up to our tournament teams. Developmental teams typically play in our local developmental travel leagues that is highly competitive. We are not set on only carrying 1 tournament team at each age level allowing our players to advance as they develop as the talent pools rise in our age groups.  This gives the kids something to work towards achieving and rewards them when they get there- similar to how it will be when they get older and move on to high school, college, and professional baseball.

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