Easy 2-Step Player Registration


Thank you for considering our organization for all your youth baseball development needs! The process is a simple 2-step process to register and only takes a few minutes. You can do it from a PC or even on your mobile phone.

Little League & Pony Leaguers Still in Season: If you are still in season and are looking to commit now but pay your training fees later you can still register now and only submit your membership fee. Once you complete the player contract, you will be sent to a page to submit either your registration membership fee, or the full registration fee.



Complete and Sign the Big West BPA Baseball Player Contract.


$250.00- Annual Member Fee

Every member is required to pay a membership fee of $250.00 1-time per year. If you are signing up on or after after Sept 1st, your $250 annual fee will be credited through all of the following year as well.  If you are starting mid month, your monthly training fee will get credited toward next months dues and you will not be required to pay to train & play the current month you are starting with our program. We waive your first months training dues when you start and pay your membership fee.

This annual membership fee is a form of a "forced savings" plan for the organization. Here are some things it goes towards:

  • Facility Up Keep
  • Fields for Training/Practice
  • New Training Gear, hats, shirts, etc
$250.00- Monthly Training Fees
  • This gets you a minimum of 4 practices per week with paid professional instructors as well as an opportunity to play in games/leagues/tournaments.
  • Billing is month-to-month with no long term contracts. If the program works for you, then you will continue playing. If not, then you are not locked in on any long term contracts.
  • 15% Savings/Discount Option: With all the credit card cash back rewards such as free air miles, coach back bonuses, etc, some parents prefer to pre-pay and take advantage of not only a savings in our program but also savings with their finances.
SIBLING DISCOUNT: Each additional sibling is 1/2 Off Monthly Dues (does not include annual membership fee). Ex.- You have 2 kids in program your monthly bill will be $375.00 for both kids total.

DUE DATE: Your monthly dues are due on the 1st of the month with a 5-day grace period. This is so we can pay our staff at the beginning of the month. Your dues cover 2 practices per week that include at least 1 hour of hitting, 1 hour of strength, speed, and agility training, and 2 hours of field practice.


  • BPA Facility Fee (South OC Only) $100 Month- Includes unlimited use membership to our 13,000 SF Batting Cage Training Facility
  • Out of Area Membership $75.00/mo- Must reside more than 30 miles from our Facility to be considered
  • *All Members will pay a $250.00 Annual Membership Fee at Signup Paid 1x Per Year (with no monthly training fees billed your first month)


  • 2 Times Per Week Speed & Strength Training Class (1 hour ea.)
  • 1 Time Per Week Fielding/Defensive Workout (2 Hours)
  • 1 Time per Week Hitting/Offense Workout at our Private Indoor Batting Facility (1.5 Hours)
  • All 4 Workouts are combined into 3 Days per Week
  • 8-12 Games per Month on Weekends via League Play & Tournament Play


  • Uniform, Bag & Helmet Kit: $200.00 Avg (annual cost paid 1 time typically)
  • Tournament Fees: $105.00 Per Tourney Played (covers entry fees, and coaches)
  • League Play/Scrimmage Games/Intra-Squad Games: $35.00 Avg Per Game (covers field cost, umpires, & coaches)

We are a year round program that has players that play year round. We do have 2 seasons internally though that we operate under which is the Summer/Fall season which is baseball that starts in June-November and the Spring Season which runs from Mid January-May. Travel baseball age groups transition on August 1st every year. So we try to form our teams in the Spring in Preparation for the new age group transition at the end of Summer in August and heads into Fall Baseball. Some kids will return to recreational baseball in Spring also and then return in the following Summer.

  • TRAINING/PRACTICE: Your training fee covers practice 4 times per week over 3 days with the 3rd day (speed/agility) being optional. Fridays hitting in San Juan Capistrano at our indoor training facility, and once on the field in South OC in Laguna Niguel area (usually Thursdays). We have speed & agility classes 2x per week (1x before or after field practice, and 1x on a separate individual day usually Tuesdays.)
  • GAMES: We play our teams in competitive advanced Spring & Fall baseball leagues. Games are played during the week and on Sundays. Advanced players will play on tournament teams and will play tournaments in lieu of weekend league games. Every team member will play on average 2-3 games per week when we are in season.


Travel: Most games are played in Orange County. From time to time, we will play in Chino, or Riverside County and some teams may opt to play out of state for special events such as a World Series or State Championship

Games: You can expect to play at least 2 weekends per month for the most part and we try to have 2 weekends off with no baseball activities.

What Separates Us from Everyone Else?


Justifying Substantial Value- These are all things to consider when you look at what you pay, and the value you get with us, but more importantly- is your son getting better at baseball and getting prepared for high school or college baseball?
  • You get an unlimited hitting membership at our facility and you can hit whenever you want
  • Members save up to 40% on facility use costs.
  • Every week, our players attend a speed, strength, & conditioning class in addition to baseball training.
  • BPA is proven youth program that has been around for over a decade in Orange County. With that has come tremendous success from State championships, to All American & USA Baseball selections at ages 8U-17U. We can confidently say that no club in the area offers what we offer at the youth level.
  •  Every Year we have youth players ages 9-12 participating in National All American programs and played events in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, & Georgia, and Nevada representing the Western Region, and playing alongside the "elite of the elite" in their age class meeting new friends and families from all over the Western United States.
  • BPA is hands down one of the most successful college placement programs  in the country and is only 1 of 20 Wilson Premiere Organizations. There are only 3 in the California and none in Orange County other than BPA.
  • Last year BPA put over 30 athletes in NCAAA Division 1 college baseball programs alone and 5 were drafted professionally.
  • BPA has an extensive college recruiting network with direct access to the coaches & recruiters and over 10 years of proven success placing kids in college.
  • Your son will have the opportunity to mix in with other BPA teams (San Diego, Sacramento, etc)- meet new friends, gain new experiences, etc.

Highlight Reel (10 & Older)

  • Hundreds of Athletes NCAA Division-1, 2 & 3, NAIA, JUCO
  • Multiple Athletes Drafted Every Year by Major League Baseball
  • Various Perfect Game National Championships Won all Over U.S.
  • 16U Perfect Game Ranked #1 in Nation
  • 15U Perfect Game Ranked #1 in Nation
  • 14U Perfect Game Ranked #1 in Nation
  • 13U Perfect Game Ranked #1 in Nation
  • 12U USSSA Majors Ranked #4 in Nation
  • 12U-Black AAU World Series Champions
  • 12U-Black Xtreme Diamond World Series Champions
  • 12U 2-Time Cooperstown Dreams Park 1st Place (104 teams)
  • 12U-Elite Baseball Youth Nationals Runner Up
  • 12U-Elite Triple Crown Spring Championships 1st Place D1
  • 11U-Elite Xtreme Diamond World Series Runner Up
  • 11U-Premier Xtreme Diamond World Series 3rd
  • 10U AAU World Series Champions, NCS State Champions

BPA Baseball

Headquartered in Orange County, CA with teams in South OC- San Juan Capistrano/Laguna Niguel, Inland Empire- Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego- Carlsbad, Sacramento, Arizona, Florida, & Mississippi. The BPA club travel baseball team program is offered for ages 7-18 and designed to develop and mold athletes for college baseball. The high school teams will attend various college showcase events such as Wilson Premier, USA Baseball, and various private workouts across the country in front of various Division-1, D2, & D3 collegiate baseball programs across the USA. In some cases, some players will get drafted professionally right out of high school and in the MLB 2019 Draft, BPA had 6 players drafted by Major League Baseball.

BPA was founded on the premise of providing an opportunity of top instruction, for players that have a desire to play the game beyond a recreational level. Our purpose is to ensure players learn to play the game the right way and compete at the highest level. We aspire to positively influence a player’s next-level opportunity by providing them with the knowledge and skills required to play the game to the maximum of their potential.

Seeing someone miss an opportunity in their life, especially when its something they have so much passion and desire to be great at, in our eyes, is a travesty. Preventing this from happening to our players, and continuing to push of program alumni, beyond  where they ever could of dreamed of playing is why we do what we do.

The BPA Way

Through high-paced and intense practices, we focus on the physical and mental details of the game, with an emphasis on accountability. Optimal learning environments occurs when one is placed out of their comfort zone, and operating at the edge of their ability. Our highest priority is to at all times create an environment of care, transparency and concentrated discomfort, to make sure a player has the opportunity to maximize their potential.

We believe a coach’s duty is to prepare their players to not only be successful at their current level, but advance them to the next level in a way for them to thrive. We must develop genuine relationships, so we may be an ongoing resource as our players move through their playing career, and excel beyond high school.


Complete and Sign the Big West BPA Baseball Player Contract.

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